How to Use Telepathy to Get Ex Back?

Have you recently broken up with your partner? Are you longing for them but it’s been weeks, months, or more than a year since you’ve been in touch with them? Maybe there’s a way, but no matter how you try to get in touch, things just don’t seem to be getting right. You keep asking yourself, is there a way to get my ex back?

You may want to communicate with an ex using telepathy. It is a mind to mind communication. It works when you completely believe in it. Maybe some words are better left unsaid but then again those words will be kept longing in our hearts and we just want to burst it out. But then we’re afraid to reconcile- feeling like we are the only ones who want it. Even if it seems like it’s hopeless, there are ways you can do to increase the chances of getting back together. The more you believe in it, the stronger the results will be.

Law of Attraction

Everything that we think becomes what it is. Whatever you think becomes the reality because our thoughts are such a powerful tool, we can affect, change and manifest our surroundings. With a positive mindset, you can aspire many things- even get an ex back.


If you visualize too early after your breakup, you could possibly end up hurting yourself which would eventually lead to desperation. Heal yourself first, be optimistic, and get rid of the idea of longing before you try to get your ex back. Remember the good times you had together and imagine a connection from your heart to your ex’s back and vice versa. Let that connection be your focus and try to bond your hearts by spreading positive energy.

Don’t contact them all the time.

Sending texts and calling your ex’s phone number frequently shows how needy you are which may be seen as unattractive to most people. It is essential to keep in touch but too much of it can be a sign of desperation. We don’t want to sound so desperate, aren’t we?

Don’t beg

Most people aren’t attracted to people who are desperate. Make it to a point that you try to make something you have in common to be the center of your attention and make sure to create situations where the love naturally goes back into place, if there’s love to start off in the first place.

Know your worth

You can only get your ex back if you are confident with yourself and you know your self- worth. When you are truly content with who and what you are, it is when you start to radiate good vibes and attract people around you- most especially your ex.

Getting back with your ex using telepathy makes the journey much easier. Just always remember to strive to become the best version of yourself by embracing what you have and changing what you opt to change. Make yourself as enticing as you can so that when everything falls back into place, you and your ex may rekindle each other’s love.

Did you know that there’s a telepathic way of making your ex desire again for your love? It’s by triggering his Hero’s Instinct.

Hero Instinct is a BIOLOGICAL DRIVE just like hunger, thirst, and sex. But once this drive is triggered it becomes more powerful than all 3 combined. which makes it virtually impossible for him to ignore.

Your relationship with him will be far more better than your relationship used to be.


My Boyfriend is Enmeshed with His Mother

Some say that the world’s public enemy number one is not global warming, but your mother-in-law. Married or not, your mother-in-law could break or make you. Regardless of your age or how long have you been together, your partner and his mother’s bond is unbreakable. It’s very hard to compete with the woman who gave life to your partner and no matter what, you cannot escape the influences of his mom.

There’s a way. His mother’s heart can be difficult to soften. Instead of competing with her for your partner, you could work it out. Here’s how:

Work it out with your partner first

At the end of the day, you’d still be his partner. Don’t force him into a situation where he must choose between you and your family. So try to see the other picture, and understand the relationship your partner has with his parents.It may be difficult to swallow, but he’d appreciate this move.

Connect Directly and Openly

Communication is very vital to any relationship, especially when it comes to the family. So when it comes to communication with your partner’s family, avoid communication to a third party, 1) your version of the story could be different from what the third party says, 2) emotions and points could not be expressed thoroughly when you’ve not spoken face-to-face.

It would be to have an open and straightforward conversation with your in-laws.

Learn to Cool Off

No matter how hard you try to prevent from bursting out of control, keep calm. No conflict is solved when we fight fire with fire. Sometimes, doing nothing could solve everything. Patience, because time heals wounds.

Be Mature and Be Kind

Your in-laws are not obligated to love you. They aren’t our parents, and you don’t have the same rules. Compromise if you have to.

And, of course, silence is the best revenge. To de-escalate a conflict, it’s best to keep our mouth shut.

Be Independent as a Couple

There are those in-laws that are a little too pushy and involved — but in a somewhat loving and endearing way. Too much involvement can be very annoying. You have two options on how to handle this. In the event that you’d like to take the more straightforward option, you and your partner can disclose it to your in-laws, while you value their opinions, this is a choice you feel only you two need to make. Or on the other hand, if you’d still keep the harmony, basically gesture your head as affirmation and grin while they share their view on the issue — and after that, settle on your own choices in any case.

Why are men so close to their mom?

Some may say a man’s relationship to his mother is the most important one in his life. Because the mother’s role in child-rearing is often the most important one — with fathers focusing on being the breadwinner due to cultural factors that lead men to be less present(or completely absent from).

And in return, a man growing up is given the feeling of being the protector to their mom, as a sense of heroism, since she has always been on the man’s side.

You could also ignite this feeling on your man, not just to help improve your relationship with his parents, but also for your relationship. Your man thirsts for your admiration. He wouldn’t say that because we believe you have to earn admiration. Asking for this is like trying to become popular by announcing you are a cool person.

It’s a way of appreciating him, and you’d be surprised, he’ll appreciate you more, and this could spark his “Hero Instincts”.  It’s not just what he craves for, but a way to sustain your “love”. “So, if I’d give him admiration, would everything be smooth sailing?” No. It’s not just about simple admiration. It only works if he believes he has earned your trust, admiration, and respect.

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I Made a Mistake and I Want Him Back

“I made a mistake and I want him back!” Sounds familiar? Recollection can incredibly make your heart ache when you’re dealing with a relationship you just ended. May it be a choice or a circumstance that led to parting ways; the first thing is you feel like you have made the right choice.

When we are in the situation of breaking up, we feel like giving up is the best thing to do and we have the internal courage to tell him as much. Perhaps at first you would think that you’ve made the right decision, the thought of having a peaceful life excites you and the silence after the break up gives you serenity.

You’ve gotten past that part and maybe you wanted a more serious commitment and start a new life so you finally felt as though you could move forward and find somebody whom you will cherish forever.

Now that you’ve made up your mind and are facing your life without somebody by your side, you are realizing that it’s not going to be as easy as you thought it would be. You miss him and it’s become awfully clear to you that you made a gruesome mistake. It hits you bad and thinks- is there a way you can get back or is it time for you to let him go?

Love can indeed be a confusing feeling at times. There are times when we are in the bubble of joy with the man we love and the next moment, you just want to let him go out of your sight. This can be what you are feeling right now. You’ve got the courage to cut the ties and now you just want another chance to tell him that you realize what an ideal partner he is and how much you truly do need him. But then, what if he’s moved on? What if he’s likely got over you and stopped craving for your presence?

You need to figure out what his emotions are right now if you want to consider the possibility of reconciliation. Given the chance when you can set things straight, here are the things you may do:

Communicate With Him.

It’s truly that simple. Start a conversation. Call him and ask how he is and what’s new in his life. It’s just a way for you to catch up and get information from him while you two are apart. If he opens that he is already involved with someone new, you need to carefully think whether you are willing to push through and consider meeting him again. Maybe just wish him the best and take some time to contemplate. If he’s free and single, then it may be a chance for you. That’s a completely exciting and much more different story for you.

Come Clean.

You may ask him to meet you for some coffee and try to talk things through. Your goal for this encounter is to apologize and let him know that the time you were apart has given you an enlightened mind and you regret breaking up with him.

Make Time For Him.

When he agrees to see you, make it at a time that is the most convenient for him and at the place that is close to where he is. Doing this will not only show your sincerity but also you being a considerate one.

Make him feel that he’s your hero again.

What if I told you there is a kind of relationship “thirst” all men experience? A kind of thirst that’s impossible for him to resist. Would you like to know what he’s so thirsty for?

Was he warm, affectionate and interested at the start of your relationship then suddenly became distant? Time spent with you is decreasing, sparkles in his eyes were gone, kisses were just quick ones. It didn’t come down to anything wrong with you. Rather, it all came down to something he called “The Hero Instinct.” 

3 Ways On Getting The Heroes Instinct

  • Ask guy for a help
  • Take pleasure in male company
  • Let him earn your respect


Be Patient with Him.

Don’t expect him to get back at you right away. Chances are he’s still contemplating on what to do. He’s going to be distant and apprehensive, as he should be. If that’s the case, just wait and give him the time he needs to accept your apology. You may want to contact him again in a few weeks and ask if he wants to meet or grab some lunch. If he allows it, you know that he still might want to fix things with you.

These are just a few things you can do if you want to take him back. You can push through it so that you may not have regrets in the future.

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How to Win a Man Back from Another Woman

“Love is sweeter the second time around.” Isn’t it? We’ve seen relationships improve when given another chance, but some go in the opposite direction, and end up being worse than their first try.

Yesterday is history. We learn, we grow, and we promise ourselves not to make the same mistakes that we did in the past. Nevertheless, there are parts in our history that we’d wish to happen again. Parts that we wished had never ended.

Sometimes, we’ll only know someone’s worth when they’re gone, and oftentimes, the ones we’ve let go painfully are the ones that we could never take back. When people experience extreme pain from love, it would take a long time for them to heal, or they’d find comfort in another’s arms.

Your relationship ended up in the worst terms, but after some time, you’ve realized that you could still work things out, and become better halves to each other. But, you’re too late. He’s now with someone else.

You’d be heartbroken, and could start on the moving on process. Your other sense tells you that you could still save him, and make him come back to you. If you choose the latter, here are some possible ways to win him back:

Initiate Contact Again but Don’t Be Aggressive. If you still have open communication with him, that’s a good start. On the other hand, if you start back to zero, you could start off with little steps like getting in touch with mutual friends, asking them how he is, or you could start by texting him or sending him DMs. Start with small talks.

Once you’ve started to have small talks, you can now make this into casual talks. Base it on how he responds. You could share some funny messages or inside jokes that could show him that you value your time with him.

His new girl could object, so make sure that you’d not overdo it. Relax and let the conversation run smoothly. The more engagement you get, the more it shows that your approach is working.

Be Nice to Both of Them. This may be agitating, but could work. Say something nice, compliment them. Never bring up something of your past with him. That would be very awkward and could give her a hint that you’re trying to get back together. Never ever compare how your relationship was with him versus what they are now.

Operation “Friendship” This is step two of getting back together. Do things that you used to enjoy with him, going to the movies, being with friends and having some coffee and chat, anything that would build that connection again.

Be the Damsel in Distress. The key to a man’s deepest feeling of attraction is by becoming a special part of his story. How? Reveal your needs and allow him to help you meet them. Why? Because it triggers his hero instinct.

We know that you’re strong and independent, but making him feel like the savior or hero to you, would give him the feeling of being a hero in a woman’s eyes. Just find ways to let him be your hero. Yes, his Hero’s Instinct.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE NOW

Come Clean. Let him know that you miss him, you admit what has gone wrong in the past, and you’d like to have one more try together. Let him take his time on thinking this twice or thrice. Keep an open communication with him, but be ready for rejection. Sometimes two people grow apart, and there’s not much we can do about it.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. What if we tell you that you could unlock his desire and devotion? We can help you out on making him long for your love again.

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