How to Win a Man Back from Another Woman

“Love is sweeter the second time around.” Isn’t it? We’ve seen relationships improve when given another chance, but some go in the opposite direction, and end up being worse than their first try.

Yesterday is history. We learn, we grow, and we promise ourselves not to make the same mistakes that we did in the past. Nevertheless, there are parts in our history that we’d wish to happen again. Parts that we wished had never ended.

Sometimes, we’ll only know someone’s worth when they’re gone, and oftentimes, the ones we’ve let go painfully are the ones that we could never take back. When people experience extreme pain from love, it would take a long time for them to heal, or they’d find comfort in another’s arms.

Your relationship ended up in the worst terms, but after some time, you’ve realized that you could still work things out, and become better halves to each other. But, you’re too late. He’s now with someone else.

You’d be heartbroken, and could start on the moving on process. Your other sense tells you that you could still save him, and make him come back to you. If you choose the latter, here are some possible ways to win him back:

Initiate Contact Again but Don’t Be Aggressive. If you still have open communication with him, that’s a good start. On the other hand, if you start back to zero, you could start off with little steps like getting in touch with mutual friends, asking them how he is, or you could start by texting him or sending him DMs. Start with small talks.

Once you’ve started to have small talks, you can now make this into casual talks. Base it on how he responds. You could share some funny messages or inside jokes that could show him that you value your time with him.

His new girl could object, so make sure that you’d not overdo it. Relax and let the conversation run smoothly. The more engagement you get, the more it shows that your approach is working.

Be Nice to Both of Them. This may be agitating, but could work. Say something nice, compliment them. Never bring up something of your past with him. That would be very awkward and could give her a hint that you’re trying to get back together. Never ever compare how your relationship was with him versus what they are now.

Operation “Friendship” This is step two of getting back together. Do things that you used to enjoy with him, going to the movies, being with friends and having some coffee and chat, anything that would build that connection again.

Be the Damsel in Distress. The key to a man’s deepest feeling of attraction is by becoming a special part of his story. How? Reveal your needs and allow him to help you meet them. Why? Because it triggers his hero instinct.

We know that you’re strong and independent, but making him feel like the savior or hero to you, would give him the feeling of being a hero in a woman’s eyes. Just find ways to let him be your hero. Yes, his Hero’s Instinct.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE NOW

Come Clean. Let him know that you miss him, you admit what has gone wrong in the past, and you’d like to have one more try together. Let him take his time on thinking this twice or thrice. Keep an open communication with him, but be ready for rejection. Sometimes two people grow apart, and there’s not much we can do about it.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. What if we tell you that you could unlock his desire and devotion? We can help you out on making him long for your love again.

These are not only what you need when you get back together. You’d also need to read his “Secret Signals”, and a “Secret Currency” in your past relationship.

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